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Let Kearin Stroud Speak For Us!

I have had the pleasure of working with Lois and Steve twice now. Each for separate issues on my tiger hot tub. As far as service I will use no one else. Their customer service is outstanding and so is there service. The first time it was such a minor issue I'm embarrassed to give details but let's say Steve found it in minutes. To top it off they squeeze me into their busy schedule. You see I was suffer from the effects of chemo and the tub was my life saver. Last week, my jets quit working and one call to Lois and bless her heart Steve would come as soon as he could....that day after a full 10 hours in this heat. He found the problem, tore the tub down but....left the tub so I could at least soak while he repaired the pump. Yesterday Steve had everything ready and as I have gone back to work not til after 5. He came and worked til almost 8:30. What service and it is so very appreciated and also very easy on my pocket book. I will use no others!!!

Kearin Stroud