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Measuring Your Spa Cover


It is very important that you take the time to measure correctly for your cover. We will make the cover to your specifications. Remember this is YOUR cover! Nearly all spa covers are different depending on personal preferences. Your cover will only be as accurate as your measurements. With that in mind, we've provided you with the following detailed guide to make certain that your spa cover is designed as closely to your specifications as possible.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • When you first receive your spa cover, generally it will be slightly larger than the measurement you have specified. This is done so that as the cover shrinks over time, it will not become too small.
  • It is always better to measure the spa and not the cover. Previous covers may have been made to incorrect measurements and a cover can shrink by up to 2" over its lifespan.

Measure The Spa For Length And Width In Inches Only

  • Measure from outside lip to outside lip of the spa (Figure A).
  • If you wish for the cover to shelter a larger area, please give this measurement instead.
  • Always include FULL length and width with ALL orders
  • When measuring the skirt, start at the very top of the acrylic shell, and measure down to the bottom lip of the acrylic shell on the cabinetry (Figure B)

Measuring a Rounded Corner

Measuring the radius of a rounded corner can be tricky. Measure inward from where the curve stops on one side of the corner. On the adjacent side of the corner, do the same thing so that the points intersect. Mark where they intersect and measure outward to the corner (Figure C). This measurement is your radius. For some people, it's easier to imagine a ball sitting in the corner.

Measure Any Cut Corners

  • Octagons and squares with four cut corners often look very similar!
  • Measure all cut corners on spas that have them and ensure that they are all the same dimension.
  • If the sides vary in length from the cut corner, then you have a spa with four cut corners. In this case, measure all the sides as well (Figure D). If they are all uniform, you have an octagon (Figure E)

Hinge Placement and Other Things to Note

  • On our spa covers, the hinge's default position is always running perpendicular to the longest dimension in the center of
    the cover. Unless otherwise noted in your specifications, this will be the position of the hinge. Failing to note where the
    hinge is located is not a means for a free replacement cover.
  • All our covers come with straps and handles as a FREE available option. Handles are standardly located on the center point of the short dimension (Figure F), and the straps are usually located directly between the center of the handle and the edge of the cover (Figure G).
  • Lastly, if you find that none of the available options on the order form fit your spa, please have your spa service professional contact us directly to deal with the issue.

Avail our custom spa cover service today for a cover tailor-made just for you!