• Ion Generation

    The freshrain system borrows free oxygen from the surrounding air as a treatment agent source. As air is introduced through the patented Vapor Ion Plasma generator, the individual oxygen molecules are momentarily split into two oxygen atoms, as in an electrical storm. The patented VIP technology immediately cause these highly charged atoms to link up and form highly charged cluster molecular negative ions (O2-) and continue to build up a very strong negative charge in the hot tub water.

  • Oxygen Infusion

    When the highly ionized oxygen molecules are injected into your spa water (H2O) they quickly form safe levels of hydrogen peroxides (H2O2), hydroxides (OH) and peroxyls (-HO2). These cleaning agents de-toxify contaminants in your spa water.

  • De-Emulsification

    The ionized oxygen and peroxyls break apart the water-saturated body oils and lotions that people bring into their spa. The ionized oxygen destroys the bacteria cell walls and the colloidal solids that the bacteria grow in, and the hydrogen peroxides (H2O2) kill the exposed bacteria and neutralize virus molecular structures.

  • Oxidation

    The highly-charged Oxygen oxidizes most of the things you want to get out of your spa water.

  • Filtration

    The ionized oxygen continues to carry such a strong negative charge throughout the hot tub water that it coagulates pollutants, dead solid materials and heavy metals into large particles that can be easily filtered out. When we add the electrostatic filter, a lot of the charged particles are going to get caught in the filter.