• “The health benefits were
    the number one consideration for us.”

  • Most hot tub owners are repeatedly exposed to harmful chlorine and other chemicals used to kill bacteria and viruses in their spa water. Not only do they come in contact during spa cleaning, but they soak in the chlorinated water and breathe in the vapors, which hover just above the water’s surface.

    Scientific studies have found that increased exposure to chlorine can lead to serious health problems, and skin absorption of chlorine has been cited by the EPA as one of its top 10 carcinogens to watch. 

    Freshrain’s Vapor Ion Plasma (VIP) technology creates ionized oxygen to purify water while balancing the pH — naturally, without the use of chemicals. And unlike other systems that create ozone, which dissipates rapidly and still requires the use of chemicals, freshrain continues to work around the clock.

    Only freshrain removes chloroform and harmful bacteria and viruses and keeps them from returning. In addition, the oxygen ions it creates are known to provide numerous benefits, including:

    • Relief from asthma
    • Increased immune system response
    • Improved alertness and cognitive thinking

    All these benefits — plus the assurance that your water is free of harmful bacteria and chemicals. It all adds up to a more relaxing and stress-free spa experience, which is exactly what your hot tub should be.

  • A Risky Soaking:

    Read about a Texas A&M study that discovered your current spa contains an average of more than 2 million bacteria per teaspoon! The freshrain system makes your spa a healthy experience again—without harmful chemicals.