• Freshrain is the only 100 percent chemical-free spa water treatment available anywhere. The patented Vapor Ion Plasma (VIP) filtration technology is based on ionized oxygen — the same process found in nature that makes the air so fresh after a rainstorm. And the unit is essentially hassle-free.

    The technology used by freshrain was developed by Dennis Johnson, an entrepreneur and science educator with decades of experience as a business leader and consultant. As the author and holder of more than 20 U.S. and international patents, Johnson is a respected authority on alternative energies and has pioneered the use of chemical-free methods for waste treatment for years.

    Produced by the Reata Engineering Group, the freshrain enhanced water filtration system:

    • Cleans your spa’s surfaces and pipes without scrubbing
    • Removes harmful bacteria and viruses without chemicals
    • De-emulsifies body oils, suntan oils and lotions 
    • Oxidizes and removes contaminates that cause scaling

    There’s no more wasting your valuable time and money on cleaning and materials. You’ll simply see — and smell — the freshrain difference.