• Dundalk Sauna Upgrades

  • Front Porch

    This 2' front porch option provides a comfortable cooling down area outside your sauna.

  • Changeroom

    4' Changeroom With Benches offers a convenient changing area when your sauna is farther away.

  • Signature Benches

    Upgrade the inside of your sauna with signature benches, backrests and floor all included.

  • Lounge Bench

    Adjustable lounge benches available only in 7' diameter barrels and only 7' or 8' long saunas.

  • Front Windows

    2 Windows in Front Wall add more natural light for the inside of barrel sauna.

  • Overhang Cove

    Overhang Cove on front wall above door, keeps the rain and snow away from the open sauna door.